I've decided to write this Blog to reach out to Men out there who are Victims of Domestic Violence of all kinds, whether it be Physical, Emotional, Verbal or of a Coercive & Manipulative nature. Maybe it is all of those types of abuse, but what ever it is you are experiencing in your home, in your life, currently with your Life Partner, what ever way you are suffering in silence I am here to help You, through my own experience of Domestic Abuse in the recent past and to tell you of how I lived through it and eventually found my voice and the road to freedom. I genuinely want to give something back and reach as many people as I can, who need help and advice and mentoring, even by just offering you the space to write down what you are actually living through and for you to know that there is some one here to read your message, without any judgement and to offer advice to you as to how to manage stress levels and how best to move forward and get to a place where you are happy and content once more, because it is possible to get back to who you were before, when life was as it should be.